Lofotenfahrt 2008_Teil3

Norway - Trip 2008
part 3
Alesund - Andalsnes - Trollstigen - Geirangerfjord - Dalsnippa - round Jostedalsbreen - Bergdalen - Leirdalen - Lom - Odda - Gudbrandsdalen - Lillehammer - Oslo

June, 01st- 19th 2008

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In this part of our trip we went from Alesund over the Trollstigen road and the Eagle-road to Geiranger (both of them National Tourist Streets), we passed with the ferry the Geirangerfjord to Hellesund and back, to the top of Dalsnippa, nearly around the imposing glacier of Jostedalsbreen, along Jotundheimen to the Stavkirke in Lom and some more and via Lillehammer back to Oslo. Here is an overlook-map to our trip part 3.

Detail 1

Detail 2 On June 19th, 2008 afternoon we arrived back in Oslo.

to the slide-show and to single pictures of part 3

Many thanks to ES-Wohnmobile near Bielefeld and to the owner Mr.Strathoff. The mobile-home was in perfect condition, the take-overs without problems, friendly and fast. The mobile-home was working very well all over our trip with no problems (approx. 8000km or some more). This was the base of our problems-free holidays.

Norway is a beautiful country with great areas, mountains, lakes, fjords, shining colours, distant but friendly and helpful people - we felt very well there and for shure we will come again !