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Sailing was from 1980 till 2009 my most extensive occupancy and hobby in sommer time. Since 1980 I am sailing on the lake of Neusiedl ( a lake 15 nautical miles long and of 6 nautical miles width, but with only 3,5 feet depth). I owned a sailboot there, 27 feets long, a "SUNBEAM 27" named "ROBBY".

Experience and coolness I learned on many sailing weeks on the mediterranean sea (Greece, Turkey, France, Italy, Spain, Gibraltar, Croatia, Slovenia, Marocco). I have sailed nearly on every European coast of the mediterranean sea evan one time also in Marocco).

In autumn 2009 I sold the SUNBEAM and my wife and me we decided to buy a motorhome. From now on we will discover european areas on the roads.

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