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Human civilized eating and drinking makes the difference between us and the animals. Sometimes also the possibility to think. But the main difference is the possibility to be interested in culture, to learn and to understand it and to enjoy!

"Opera" (ital. "opera in musica", coming from latin language "opus = work") is known since about 1650 as a musical way to combine music, poetry, singing, dramatic art, ballet, stage design, painting, masks and costumes. But mainly the music will be used to express the dramatic action, the characters, the voices and the gestures.

"Theater" is the result of the production of a dramatical idea in form of a drama or an other form of literature presentation. Theater is a product of collective artistic work, directed by the regie and supported by theatrical technics, masks, dressing and other functions.

"Cabaret" comes from the french word „cabaret“. „Cabaret“ are called in France this rotating plates for food which consist of small partitions or with small dishes on it filled with sauces or other ingredients. Likely for this reason "cabaret" means a certain kind of theater consisting of different artistic work, like chansons, circus and political satire.

"Classic Music" means in his historical sense the music of the "classic" periode (17th-19t century). In populary language the expression "Classic Music" is used very often for the total art music of the Occident. The normal listener to classik music also makes no difference between "old" and "new" classic musik because he mainly knows classic music from the 18th, 19th and 20th century.

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