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Wellcome on my private homepage.

Last Update : August 15, 2018

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Our trip to
Spain and France 2017/2018
DIA-shows for download

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Our trip to
Spain, Portugal, Frace 2018/2019

On this homepage you will mainly find pictures of journeys made together with my wife and my son who has made his studies for Computer Animation and Media Arts in the USA. Some pictures are from journeys made by my son allone. If you want to know how villages, towns and areas are looking please visit the respective pages. The pictures - sorry that not all of them are perfect - will show you the beauty of the places visited and will probably be an impulse for your next trip.

Also you can find links to my hobbies and some private pictures.

This homepage also helps us to communicate with our son Robert. He is working since 2010 in Shanghai caused by his profession (America, England, Norway, Peking) as leading manager for a computer-software-company. His first journey has been to Hongkong, further trips he made to Macao, North Korea and many areas in China. If you are interested on the photos he has taken go to :

This homepage also helps us to communicate with him with the possibility to show him what his parents are doing.

I wish you a lot of pleasure when looking this pages !

The pictures on this homepage are my personal property. If you want to use one for business you need my written permission. Most of the pictures are available in 6000x4000 pixels.

All rights reserved. Copyright by Klaus Kist

I am prepared to answer your questions just send me a mail :